Choose a simple cloud solution
for sustainable procurement

Discover next-generation eProcurement platform for your supply optimization.

You are as sustainable as your suppliers

Empower your supply chain with a cloud-based solution driven by AI technology.

Bidzaar provides you an advanced suite including Sourcing, Vendor Management, and ESG assessment.

Fast user adoption

Easy and quick onboarding with
free testing period

ESG enhanced

ESG assessment to foster the
sustainable supply

Simple and intuitive interface

Easy-to-navigate and social platform for efficient communication

Powerful tool

Multi-featured supply
management platform

Bidzaar Flow


Your business network


ESG assessment


Sustainable supply


Data Management


Results and savings


Bidzaar masters your vendor management and enhances your sourcing options.

Easily grow your data base of sustainable suppliers and become more efficient with Bidzaar solution.


Receive cost-effective and quality bids through Bidzaar tenders.

Transparent communication and online bidding guarantee your best choice.


Bidzaar certifies suppliers based on international ESG assessment standards (GRI).

Lead sustainable procurement through Bidzaar vendor management solution.

Ready to optimize your supply?

Experience great value for price with Bidzaar

Flexible pricing options to meet your business needs


✓    Annual flat rate for unlimited use
!      Suppliers pay fee

✓    Annual flat rate for unlimited use

!      Suppliers pay fee

Annually — 500 $

Quarterly — 125 $


✓    Annual flat rate for unlimited
       closed bidding (invite only)
!      Suppliers pay fee for open

✓    Annual flat rate for unlimited closed
       bidding (invite only)

!      Suppliers pay fee for open bidding

Annually —  5000 $

Quarterly — 1250 $

All inclusive

✓    Annual flat rate for unlimited
       use, all inclusive
!      Suppliers do not pay fees

✓    Annual flat rate for unlimited use, all

!      Suppliers do not pay fees

Annually —  10000 $

Quarterly — 2500 $


Annually — 500 $


Annually — 5000 $

All inclusive

Annually — 10000 $

All inclusive

Annually — 300 $


Annually — 100 $


Annually — 0 $