Privacy policy

Purposes of Information Processing

Information of Users and Subjects is collected and processed by the Company for technical management of the Service, analysis and improvement of the Service, providing access to the Service and Company services, providing access to the database of Requests and databases of other Users, conducting Requests using the Service, attracting the maximum number of participants in the procedure of the Request and creating conditions of competition between Users, improving the efficiency of use of the Service,  preventing the use of the Service.

Information used by the Service

The Company accesses, collects and processes Personal Information of Users and/or Subjects, Confidential Information and automatically transmitted data while using the Service, including, but not limited to: IP addresses, mobile device information, cookies and other technical information.

When using the Service, the following Information may be requested and received:

  • The Subject’s personal information requested when registering with the Service and when creating, submitting Requests (last name, first name, middle name, gender, the working place, position or function, work (corporate) email address, telephone number);
  • Information about the Requests conducted by the User using the Service and the User’s Confidential Information requested and used by the Service in connection with the creating and submitting Requests.

Technical Information:

  • when using a computer to access the Service: information about the device from which access is made, date and time of access to the Service, browser data, information about the Subject’s location, HTTP headers, cookies;
  • when using a mobile application to access the Service: data about the mobile device, such as mobile device model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, as well as data about the mobile network and cell phone number, information about the Subject location, In addition, the device ID and cell phone number may be linked to the account of the User and/or the Subject.

Cookies are text files available to the Service to process information about the Subject’s device activity. The Subject may disable the ability to use cookies in the browser settings.

The Company may request more Personal Data than provided for in this Privacy Policy, subject to the Subject’s separate consent.

The Company does not process special categories of Personal Data related to race, ethnicity, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, health, intimate life and other categories of Personal Data that require organization and application of special protection measures.

Methods of processing information

By accessing the Service, and accepting the terms of the Privacy Policy, the User gives consent to the Company to process Information by any means, including by engaging third parties, including but not limited to the following actions: reproduction, electronic copying, depersonalization, blocking, destruction, and processing of other data.

The Company processes Information of the User specified in this Privacy Policy, during the entire period of use of the Service by the User or within 3 (three) years from the date of the submission of the consent to the processing of Personal Data about the Subject, or during the period specified in the agreement between the User and the Company.

The User may withdraw consent to the processing of Personal Data by sending a notice to the Company by email to

In case of revocation by the User of the consent to the processing of Personal Data or other Information, the processing of these Information must be terminated by the Company and / or third parties and the data is destroyed, subject to the termination of the use of the Service, termination of contracts with the Company and the performance of all obligations of the User under contracts entered into with the Company.

Confidentiality of Information and Transfer Conditions

The Company undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of Information provided by the User and not to disclose such Information without the consent of the User.

The obligation to keep Information confidential does not apply:

  • to cases of disclosure of Information, including for execution of mandatory decisions, rulings, requirements or request of a court, or any other competent public authority or official, to protect the rights of the Company, Service Users and, to eliminate technical failures and security problems;
  • to cases of disclosure of Confidential Information to its employees, professional consultants, agents or contractors for the purposes specified in «Purposes of Information Processing»
  • to the cases of disclosure of Information to partners and other persons, connected with the Company with the obligation of confidentiality of information, for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

Also, it does not apply to any information that is or has become publicly known in any other way than as a result of a violation of this condition by the Company and does not apply to information that the Company already legally owns by the time it is transmitted by the User in connection with the use of the Service.

The Company has the right to provide Information specified in the Privacy Policy to its affiliates, as well as partners and other persons associated with the Company, in order to achieve the goals specified in «Purposes of Information Processing», provided that the specified persons assume contractual obligations to the Company to keep information confidential. By accessing the Service and accepting the terms of the Privacy Policy, the User gives its consent to the transfer of Information.

By accessing the Service and accepting the terms of the Privacy Policy, the User provides consent to the Company’s counterparties to process the User’s Information, including for the purpose of informing the User about the services of the Company’s counterparties.

The Company may provide generalized anonymized data of Users to its partners (for example, for the purpose of statistical and other studies).

Privacy Measures

The Company takes the necessary and sufficient legal, organizational and technical measures to protect information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions with it by third parties, limiting access to such information by other Service Users, employees and partners of the Company, third parties (except for providing information necessary for the Company to fulfill its obligations to the User.

Ensuring the security of Personal Data is achieved, in particular:

  • Determination of threats to the security of Personal Data during their processing in personal data information systems;
  • Issuance of local acts of the Company on the processing of Personal Data, as well as local acts of the Company, establishing procedures aimed at the prevention and identification of violations;
  • The appointment of a person responsible for the organization of the processing of Personal Data;
  • Application of organizational and technical measures for ensuring security of Personal Data during their processing in personal data information systems, necessary to meet the requirements for the protection of personal data, implementation of which ensures the established levels of protection of Personal Data;
  • Evaluation of efficiency of measures taken to ensure security of Personal Data prior to commissioning of the information system; accounting of machine carriers of Personal Data;
  • Detection of facts of unauthorized access to Personal Data and taking appropriate measures to prevent and avoid such facts in the future;
  • Restoring of Personal Data modified or destroyed as a result of unauthorized access to it;
  • Establishment of rules of access to Personal Data processed in Personal Data information systems, as well as ensuring registration and accounting of all actions performed with Personal Data in information systems; control over measures taken to ensure security of Personal Data and the level of security of Personal Data information systems.

Security of using the Service also depends on compliance by the User and Subject of the recommendations related to the security of their own data specified in the User Agreement of the Service. The User undertakes to keep their account data confidential (e-mail address and password) and is responsible for the security (guessing stability) of their password. The User undertakes to immediately notify the Company of any case of unauthorized (not authorized by the User) access to the Service using the User’s account and/or of any violation (suspicion of violation) of the confidentiality of its means of access to the account. For security purposes, the User must securely terminate their account (Exit button) at the end of each session of the Service.

Other terms and conditions

The Company may update and modify the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time. A new version of the Privacy Policy shall be effective from the time of its posting, unless otherwise provided by the terms of the new Privacy Policy version. The Company recommends that Service Users regularly consult this Privacy Policy to familiarize themselves with the most updated version.

The User agrees to stop using the Service in case of disagreement with the terms of the Privacy Policy.

In the case when the agreement between the Company and the User contains terms of use of Information and/or Personal Data different from the terms of this Privacy Policy, the terms of the concluded agreement shall apply. In all other respects, the terms of the Privacy Policy shall apply to the relations between the Parties.

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