Optimizing your sourcing experience and building sustainable business network

Bidzaar ePlatform fastens your supply management processes
and drives sustainable business relations

Our Mission

We build the future of economic relations in the interest of every company and society itself

Our Solution

Bidzaar will free you from using outdated means of supply management.

Bidzaar tool is a simple solution that provides multiple features for effective and sustainable sourcing.

Lead sustainable and effective supply management

Integrate Bidzaar platform with easy-to-navigate interface. Avoid mailing and building excel tables.

Join business network of sustainable suppliers and consumers to guarantee prosperous future of business relations.

All inclusive

Annually — 300 $


Annually — 100 $


Annually — 0 $

All inclusive

Annually — 10000 $


Annually — 5000 $


Annually — 500 $